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Photography Side Hobby – Practice at the Zoo

A few posts ago I mentioned renting camera equipment. It was finally time to pick up and use the equipment in advance of vacation (where the real use begins).

Off to the Houston Zoo! All of the photos are high-res, so please open them up and get a look at the details. These photos are mine, please don’t use them without talking to me first. My wife and I both took photos at the zoo, but these are my top pics from the pictures I took.


Please select

Sometimes you need to ask me for some information. Most of the time, I’m not really sure why you want it. My gender is an example of one input field that I’m never sure what people are doing with it. I understand that you could do something, but I don’t think most people are.


Small Details UX

Sometimes the best user experiences aren’t that you went through and did a ton of research to re-architect the entire experience, but that you thought about what could be valuable and made something just a bit better.

Design Usability

Case Study: Camera Rental

I am renting camera equipment for an upcoming trip, and I found the user journey to be kind of interesting. I will first detail my journey for renting the equipment, talk about challenges I had with the site, and then talk about how I came up with a pricing model that should enable a new UI design.

Design Sketch

Sketch Art Concept to Reality with Inkscape

I am back at it again with Inkscape. I have regularly sketched these interesting layered art concepts where it looks like each layer has been cut away to reveal more depth. Below are just a few I had on hand.