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Daily UI Challenge 10

Daily UI Challenge 10 forced me to think about using social sharing, which I don’t normally do in my day-to-day work.

Design challenge 10 is one that barely held my interest. I spend most of my usual design time working on scientific applications (no social sharing here). It took me a while to really think of something worth sharing, and then it came to me.

What if I created a tool for creating clips from videos and enabled those to be shared through links, embeds, and other social media platforms. This simple mockup shows roughly (really) how one might make a clip and share it.

Share Clips.png


From a technical perspective, the clip could be a derivative of the original video. This means that an infinite number of clips could be stored because you wouldn’t have to store the data for the clips separately.

Additionally, watching a clip would link back to the original video enabling you to view the full video.

By joshuarlowry

Designer, Data Vis Expert, Tinkerer

The opinions expressed are my own and not that of my company.

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