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The Why You Do It

I recently re-watched a great TED talk by Simon Sinek titled “How great leaders inspire action”.

There are two things that resonate with me from his talk. He says, “what you do simply serves as the proof of what you believe”, and “you can trip over 10%” of users. To get to 100% of your users you need do two things.


3 Steps: How I’m utilizing my free time more effectively.

When I feel like I haven’t been very productive I think a lot about how retirement would certainly free me up to do “all that stuff” that I wish I could do.

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Algorithms to Live By: Bucket Sorting Laundry

I am currently listening (Audibling?) to the book “Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions” written by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. In the book, they describe how algorithms used in computer science can also be used in the real world.

The next time I followed my usual laundry process, I realized that I had used something similar to the Bucket Sort.