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Geomorph Maps #1

This may turn into a series, but I wanted to show off something early. Inspired by Dyson Logos Geomorph Challenge, I decided to buy some grid cards online and create some interlocking maps.

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The Plate Armor Knight – Completed

This plate armor knight came in a learn to paint kit from Reaper. Total paint time was somewhere in the 6-8 hour range.

Here is a picture of the unpainted model from the Reaper website. This model is from their Bones series of miniatures which are ready for painting.

Mangu Timur – 77148

Reaper has a few photos of different color schemes, but I followed the instructions in the box, which dictated a silvery-metal armor and blue accents.


Here are a few up-close details using a macro-lens attachment for my phone.

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Tangents Transition From 2017 to 2018

I took a great winter break. I have been having a ton of fun doing an assortment of things. It is only fair that I catch you up on some of the things I have been doing.

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Great product design starts with no.

The easy thing to do for any product development is adding features. Sometimes the features we do implement are as important (if not more) than those we do not. To do this, we need a strategy and backing research to be able to say no to the superfluous and focus on the necessary. Research does not need to be a large effort, and you don’t have to halt work to get it. Here are two strategies to get started.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

The climax of our trip was in Kruger National Park. For those who don’t know, Africa has “The Big Five” game. We were lucky enough to see them all, but we didn’t capture great photos of the Black Rhinoceros. During this part of the trip, we rented a vehicle. It was particularly interesting because they drive on the “wrong side” of the road.

  • African elephant
  • Black rhinoceros
  • Cape buffalo
  • African lion
  • African leopard