Unsolicited Redesign #1 – Redbox Email

I have the “Design Bug,” which is a clinical way of saying that I find myself wondering how I could improve experiences that I have. Redesigning things is fun and relaxing, and can also be a good way to demonstrate design process.

Formatting note: Over the first few Unsolicited Redesigns, I will be working on the form and function of these posts. Please feel free to send your feedback.


Who’s Afraid of Clowns?

I’m a big fan of the What to Draw app on Android, which gives random sketch prompts. This one stood out to me as being something that would be fun.

A food, wearing rings/ear-rings/piercings, running away from a clown on the street.


The Big Three Zero

Today, I’m crossing over a major milestone. I suppose this makes me an adult. The average age of retirement is over sixty years old, which means that I still have all of the life I have lived before I even retire. This is great news because I have plenty of time to grow and explore!

Sketch Uncategorized

Sketching 2017

Sketching is one of the best tools for rapid communication and iteration. It is a skill that improves with practice, and in 2017 I’m practicing more than ever. Today, I’m sharing some of the tools I use for practice and some of the sketches I have made so far this year.

Design Sketch

Day One

Hello and welcome,

Today, February 4, 2017, I rebooted my plans to share my ideas more publicly on the internet. Flicking the switch for this site was one of the first steps.

I will post here regularly every Wednesday starting in March.

The following topics are in scope:

  1. Miscellaneous Sketches
  2. Thoughts on Design
  3. Thoughts on Design-related Articles
  4. Unsolicited Redesigns
  5. Maybe more…

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